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Sun and the Skin

This 1.5-hour technical support webinar takes a fresh look at how exposure to the sun can affect the skin, the consequences and how to prevent of manage these. It will look at this important topic and suggest ways in which sun exposure can be managed. The information and advice is based on up to date scientific data, avoiding the many myths and misinformation that seems to exist.

Topics covered

  • What is ultra-violet (UV) radiation - the three forms of UV and the different ways they affect the skin.
  • About our skin and its reaction to the sun - a look at individual skin cells and other elements and how they react when exposed to sun
  • UV radiation and the production of vitamin D
  • The problems from UV radiation - skin ageing, skin cancer, photosensitivity, photoallergy, and phototoxicity
  • Managing skin exposure to sun in a workforce - developing a structured approach and monitoring

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