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Visioface® 1000 D

Courage & Khazaka

Visioface® 1000 D


  • Increased customer confidence
  • Added value for customer
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved product and treatment recommendation
  • Personalisation of software
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Increased sales
  • Create a professional approach

The Visioface® is a full face photographic method for facial skin analysis, optimal product recommendation and treatment documentation. It consists of a booth in which the face is placed for a photographic image. Diodes illuminate the face homogeneously without the need for frequent servicing. Images are made then analysed with the Complete Skin Investigation Software (CSI). The CSI-software is also used to operate the Multi Skin Test Center MC1000. The overlay feature enables you to make more accurate comparisons for follow-up visits. Products and treatments can be included in the software and a product and treatment recommendation printed for the client.

Wrinkles analysis

Large and fine pores

Colour differences


UV-like pictures

3D pictures


  • Full face photography
  • Hardware consisting of a light facial booth win which the face is placed
  • Diodes illuminate the face very homogeneously without requiring service
  • Built-in high quality high resolution reflex camera which is plug and play
  • Complete skin analysis software
  • Data stored in database with client information
  • Analysis of spots and pores
  • Analysis of lines an wrinkles
  • Analysis of colour differences
  • Uv-like photo for sun damage assessment
  • 3D image
  • Comparison of images possible
  • Mask can be used to match same position of face
  • Images can be analysed later
  • Product recommendations possible
  • Reports for customers and records

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