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Skin-Thermometer ST 500

Courage & Khazaka


  • Reproducible and accurate measurement
  • Quick and reliable measurements
  • Contactless measurement
  • Calibration data stored in the probe
  • Small and lightweight for easy handling and measurement on all skin sites
  • Regular calibration by user to ensure accuracy of measurements
  • Single and Continuous measurements possible
  • Probe head can be easily cleaned after each measurement

Skin temperature measurement is a valuable tool in many fields of application. It can be used in efficacy testing, claim support, objective clinical analysis, occupational medicine, medical consultancy and many more fields. Temperature measurement is a useful tool for accompanying other measurements, for example hydration can vary with different skin types ( e.g. warmer skin has higher hydration values).

Measurement Principle

The measurement principle is based on relative infrared temperature measurement. It is non-contact giving immediate results.

Fields of Application

  • Ideally suited for product development, claim support and efficacy testing
  • Can be used for diagnosis and research in dermatology and occupational medicine
  • Clinical diagnosis and studies correlating skin temperature and microcirculation

Available Formats

Multiprobe Adapter System

The Skin-Thermometer ST 500 probe can be plugged in to all of the computer driven MPA devices (MPA 2, MPA 6, MPA 10 & Cutometer® dual MPA 580)

Multi Display Device MDD 4

The Skin-Thermometer ST 500 is available as a stand alone device through the MDD 4. Supplied with a room condition sensor it is possible to add a further two measurements. In addition to the colour screen for displaying results the MDD 4 can be connected to a computer and measurements recorded using the MPA software.

Wireless Probe

Measurements are transmitted via radio to a small receiver unit RR 200 which is connected to the computer at the USB port. The values can be transmitted from a distance of 5-10 m. The values are collected using special MPA Wireless software. The probes are battery operated.

Technical Information

Length: 13.5 cm, Weight: approx. 85 g, Measuring surface: Ø2.4 cm, Measurement range: 15-35°C, Accuracy: ±0.5°C, Resolution: 0.01°C

Technical changes may be made without prior notice

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