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Sebumeter® SM 815

Courage & Khazaka

Sebumeter® SM 815


  • Quick, reproducible and accurate measurement of sebum
  • Spring in measurement head provides constant pressure on skin
  • Easy handling due to low weight
  • Does not require frequent, complicated and time consuming recalibration
  • Check calibration to ensure accuracy of measurements
  • One cartridge lasts for approximately 400 measurements
  • Volume of studies provide a wealth of information for use in study design, analysis and comparison

Sebum is produced across the whole of the body but varies significantly in amount. It has a bearing on how our skin appears and what effect products will have on the skin. As a result the levels of sebum have been of great interest for skin research over a number of years.

The Sebumeter® has been widely used for many years as an accurate means of measuring skin surface lipids along with hair and scalp lipids. Its use in dermatology and cosmetology research has been well documented through many different publications.

Measurement Principle

The Measurement is based on grease spot photometry. The measurement cassette of the Sebumeter® contains a special tape that becomes transparent when it comes into contact with sebum on the surface of the skin. In order to make a measurement the cassette is inserted into an aperture on the device where the transparency of the tape is measured. The transparency is measured by sending light through the tape, using a light source in the aperture. The light is reflected by a mirror behind the tape and a photocell measures the transparency. The cassette is placed on the skin for a defined length of time and then returned to the aperture. The change in the amount of light transmission represents the sebum content of the tape, which is displayed in units from 0-350.

The measurement head of the cassette exposes a 64mm2 section of tape with a fresh piece of tape being used for each measurement. After each measurement the tape can be advanced to expose a new piece of tape using the trigger on the side of the cassette, where there is also a guide as to how much tape remains. One cassette can be used for approximately 400 measurements before needing to be replaced.

Fields of Application

  • Ideally suited for product development, claim support and efficacy testing
  • Can be used for objective clinical assessment
  • Can be used for monitoring therapies
  • Can be used for hair and scalp studies
  • Suitable for medical surveys
  • Assessing sebum in acne research

Available Formats

Multiprobe Adapter System

A Sebumeter® SM815 socket is found on all of the computer driven larger MPA devices (MPA 6, MPA 10 & Cutometer® dual MPA 580)

Multi Display Device MDD 4

The Sebumeter® SM 815 is available as a stand alone device through the MDD 4. In addition to the colour screen for displaying results the MDD 4 can be connected to a computer and measurements recorded using the MPA software.

Multiprobe Adapter MPA 2

For the Multiprobe Adapter MPA 2 the Sebumeter® SM815 is available as an external probe that is plugged in to the device in the same manner as all the other probes. The MPA 2 plugs directly into your computer USB socket making it ideal for work undertaken out in the field.

Technical Information

Measurement cassette dimensions: 8.5 x 11.3 x 2.3 cm, Weight: 65 g,

Measuring surface: approx. 46 mm2, Aperture diameter: 20mm, Accuracy: ±5%

Technical changes may be made without prior notice

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