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MultiProbe Adapter Software

Courage & Khazaka

MultiProbe Adapter Software


  • User friendly software
  • Easy export of data to excel or other analysis programs
  • Multiple sets of data can be exported to one file
  • Operates all probes excluding the Cutometer®
  • Software recognises probes automatically
  • All data stored in one database with flexible search function
  • Store additional information with data
  • Data can be displayed in a number of ways
  • Average and standard deviation calculated Check calibration function

The MPA software is user friendly software allowing you to measure several skin parameters on one platform. The software can also be used with the Multi Display Device MDD 4 units.

Measurement data can be viewed in a number of ways; as curves, bars, a digital readout or as numerical data in a table. All of the methods of viewing the data can be personalised and adjusted easily. It is possible to view both the standard deviation and average values as separate charts. If the room condition sensor is connected the ambient temperature and humidity are also displayed and stored with the measurement data when it is saved.

Measurement data can be stored along with subject information in the database. It is a d-base database that can be exported into Microsoft Excel® or other spreadsheet database for analysis of the results. Multiple sets of data can be exported into the one spreadsheet. Measurement data can be selected according to date of measurement, name, entry number, measurement type, skin area, and key making it quick and easy to find the measurement data you are looking for. It is also possible to export measurement data from different subjects and of different measurement types together. If the room condition sensor was used the ambient temperature and humidity information will be transferred along with the measurement data.

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