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Glossymeter® GL 200

Courage & Khazaka

Glossymeter® GL 200


  • Reproducible and accurate measurement
  • Quick measurement time
  • Easy to handle
  • Constant pressure for minimized effect on skin surface
  • Does not require frequent, complicated and time consuming recalibration
  • Calibration data stored in the probe
  • Check calibration to ensure accuracy of measurements
  • Specifically designed for skin measurements
  • Continuous measurements possible

Skin gloss is important for development of many cosmetics and hair care products being a vital part of how products appear or cause skin and hair to appear.

Industrial gloss measurement devices normally compare surfaces which are quite similar in structure, colour and brightness. Under this premise the diffuse reflection of the emitted light of the probe can be neglected. The Skin-Glossymeter is specially designed to assess the gloss of the skin surface. Skin, however, does not only vary in structure and brightness but also in colour. With the diffuse scattering correction (DSC), this fact is taken into account and almost eliminated, thus allowing the comparison of gloss measurements on different skin types accurately and easily as well as on lips, hair, teeth and other materials.

Measurement Principle

The probe measures reflection. The gloss of a surface can be expressed by direct reflection of light sent to this surface. In the probe head parallel white light (green arrow) is sent in a 60 degree angle to the skin surface. Part of the light is directly reflected in the same angle (blue arrow) and part of the light is absorbed by the surface and then scattered and reflected (red arrows). The Skin-Glossymeter GL200 measures both the portion of directly reflected light, which is related to gloss, and the scattered part reflected from the surface.

Parallel white light is created by LEDs in the probe head. To be able to emit light at 60° in a relatively small and convenient measurement head, light is sent out at 0° and is directed by mirrors to reach the surface at 60°. Two separate measurement channels measure the direct reflected light (again using a mirror to direct the light to the sensor) and diffuse reflected light. The scattered/diffuse reflected light is measured at 0° under the assumption that light is scattered in the same way over all degrees.

Fields of Application

  • Ideally suited for product development, claim support and efficacy testing
  • Can be used for objective assessment with skin care, hair care, and decorative cosmetics
  • Can be used for investigating skin shine reducing or skin radiance enhancing products in facial care
  • Assessing dental gloss related to dental practices such as tooth surface enhancement and teeth whitening

Available Formats

Multiprobe Adapter System

The Glossymeter® GL 200 probe can be plugged in to all of the computer driven MPA devices (MPA 2, MPA 6, MPA 10 & Cutometer® dual MPA 580)

Multi Display Device MDD 4

The Glossymeter® GL 200 is available as a stand alone device through the MDD 4. Supplied with a room condition sensor it is possible to add a further two measurements. In addition to the colour screen for displaying results the MDD 4 can be connected to a computer and measurements recorded using the MPA software.

Wireless Probe

Measurements are transmitted via radio to a small receiver unit RR 200 which is connected to the computer at the USB port. The values can be transmitted from a distance of 5-10 m. The values are collected using special MPA Wireless software. The probes are battery operated.

Technical Information

Length: 126 mm, Measuring area: 2.5 X 5 mm, Weight: ca. 85g, Light: white LED, Light emittance: 60°, reflection measurement at 60°, diffuse reflectance measurement at 0°.

Technical changes may be made without prior notice

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