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Dermacheck 3000 Software

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Dermacheck 3000 Software


  • User friendly software
  • Ability to save patient's data
  • Can be used with a number of different skin analysis devices
  • Dermatoscopy and IPL/Laser risk assessment available in one program
  • Supports your competence in daily tasks
  • Software can be customized with your logo and contact details
  • Increase patient confidence
  • New multipurpose software

Dermatoscopy  & IPL/Laser risk assessment

The Dermacheck 3000 software offers aesthetic and dermatology clinics additional measurement modules for use with a selection of skin analysis equipment. The software combines measurements with probes for different skin parameters with camera images of the skin, dermatoscopy, and laser/IPL risk assessment by melanin and erythema measurement.

Device Compatibility

MC1000 MC750 Visioscope® PC35 SD202 SPA99

The Multi Skin Test Center MC1000 is supported by all of the modules of the Dermacheck software. The Multi Skin Test Center MC750 Skin Diagnostic SD202 and Skin Pigmentation Analyzer SPA99 are supported by the single measurement module and the Laser/IPL risk assessment module.

The Visioscope PC35 is supported by the single measurement and Dermatoscopy modules. For the Skin diagnostic SD202 and Skin Pigmentation analyser it is the newer devices with USB connection capabilities that are compatible with the Dermacheck software.

The Dermacheck software is available with the single measurement and laser/IPL risk assessment modules together, with the single measurement and the dermatoscopy modules together, or complete with all the modules.

General information

  • Patient data can be entered and measurements stored
  • It is possible to make measurements without entering patient data
  • Picture of patient can be added using a webcam

Single Measurement Module

  • Single measurements with any connected probe or images with a camera can be made for various body sites and uses
  • A summary report can be saved and printed
  • Measurements can be stored in the patient history and com-pared over time

Laser/IPL Risk Assessment Module

  • Available when melanin probe attached
  • Questionnaire obtains important relevant information and potential problems highlighted
  • Fitzpatrick skin type is determined by melanin measurement
  • Melanin content of treatment & sun protected sites compared
  • Results summary can be combined with treatment plan

Dermatoscopy Module

  • Visioscope camera required for this module
  • Developed to support diagnosis
  • Does not provide diagnosis but classifies images of pigmented lesions regarding size, diameter, border, colour/colour deviation, and symmetry the ABCD rules of dermatoscopy
  • Pigmented lesion of one skin site can be monitored over time

Computer Requirements

PC with Windows Vist or 7/8; .NET Framework 4.5; 1-2 USB ports (USB2 or higher); screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels; graphic board of 20 fps or more.

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