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Advanced Skin Analysis Course

Integrating advanced skin analysis into your business is the next step in providing your clients with a better service, greater confidence in the products and treatments you recommend, a more professional approach and improving your sales. The course will cover some background anatomy and physiology of the skin. It will then go on to discuss a variety of advanced skin analysis techniques available, both more established and emerging techniques. There will be time for practical experience with a range of advanced skin analysis equipment.

Benefits of the course

  • Learn how skin condition measurements can increase your product and treatment sales
  • Understand how skin condition measurements can improve customer relations
  • Discover how skin condition measurements can help maintain customer loyalty
  • Greater understanding of the skin in all its environments
  • Knowledge of the different techniques for skin measurement
  • Understand how the different techniques can be used
  • Practical experience with some skin measurement techniques
  • Understand different ways in which to integrate these measurements into your business (what techniques to use, how to use them and financial aspects)
  • Small group size provides plenty of opportunity for asking questions specific to your business

Course Content

  • The Skin: What it does and how it does it
  • How skin condition affects appearance and impact on skin health
  • The skin 24 hours a day: the impact on the skin at work and at play
  • Techniques for measuring skin condition
  • How skin condition measurements can be used in a salon or clinic
  • Hands on measurement time

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at all those that carry out skin assessments and recommend products and treatments for improving different aspects of skin condition. No prior knowledge or use of skin analysis techniques is required just enthusiasm and a willingness to ask questions and learn.

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