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A Practical Guide to                         Occupational Skin Management

This book provides a comprehensive guide for those wishing to develop and operate an effective occupational skin management system to protect the health of their workforce.

Written by Chris Packham, based on his 39 years' experience working on the prevention of damage to health due to workplace skin exposure.

'A Practical Guide to Occupational Skin Management is not just a health surveillance guide - it is relevant for many different roles including health and safety, occupational health and occupational hygiene. The book is written in Chris' engaging and informative style; it is very easy to read, and even the complex anatomy and physiology is explained clearly. In conclusion this is an excellent book which I would recommend adding to your library.'

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Outline of Content

Over 200 A4 pages of information, more than 100 charts, tables and diagrams, 80 coloured images, and practical information and advice on the following:

  • About our skin, its composition and skin as an active two-way interface
  • Functions of the skin and their importance for a healthy existence
  • Structure of the skin
  • What can go wrong, why, and the consequences
  • It isn't just skin exposure that we need to assess
  • A structured approach to skin exposure risk assessment
  • Managing the risk - including a detailed section on the selection and use of gloves from chemical protection
  • Control of airborne contamination for skin exposure
  • Principles of good occupational skin care
  • Hand hygiene and infection prevention
  • Skin health surveillance
  • Investigating a suspected occupational skin problem
  • The clinical investigation
  • Plus appendices and glossary of relevant terms

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