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An interactive one-day course

This course is all about understanding the different ways of controlling skin exposure in the workplace and formulating the most effective system within your workplace to do this.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand requirements for regulatory compliance
  • Learn how to make a workplace more intrinsically safe for skin exposure
  • Working knowledge of skin and occupational skin disease
  • Basic understanding of the elements of an effective skin management system and how they relate to control of skin exposure
  • Understand the hierarchy of control measures for skin exposure
  • Understand how to minimise exposure through: Design of the workplace, Substitution of chemicals, Engineering control measures, and Handling equipment
  • Gain a working knowledge on developing and maintaining an effective PPE system for controlling skin exposure

Who will benefit?

This interactive course is aimed at health and safety professionals and others responsible for reducing ill-health in the workplace as a result of skin exposure. Attendance on our skin exposure risk assessment course would be beneficial, but is not required (for more information on this course click  here). It is a course for those individuals who would like to ensure compliance with regulations and that action reduces not increases damage to health from skin exposure.

What will you learn about?

  • Skin anatomy: what is the skin
  • Skin physiology: how does it work
  • The role of the skin in our health
  • Occupational skin disease: what can go wrong
  • Other occupational skin exposure related ill-health: health effects due to skin exposure, including new scientific developments on both allergy and systemic damage, causes and consequences of ill health due to workplace skin exposure
  • What does the law require?
  • The hierarchy of control measures and what this means for compliance with skin exposure
  • Designing a workplace to make it more intrinsically safe
  • The benefits and pitfalls of substance substitution
  • Engineering control measures: effective methods to control the process to make the workplace more intrinsically safe
  • Handling equipment: providing tools to reduce skin exposure
  • Personal Protective Equipment for skin exposure: the principles for designing and maintaining and effective system
  • The importance of education and ways in which to make it more effective

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