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Competent Person Training

Skin health surveillance is an integral element in most occupational skin management systems. It aims to detect damaged skin at the earliest possible stage so remedial action can be taken, such as:

  • Identifying causative exposures and improved exposure management
  • Advice and treatment to allow continuation at work
  • Ensure others remain unaffected
  • Advice and guidance to ensure high standards maintained

Frequency of skin checks will depend on a number of factors including available resources. Training of selected individuals within a workplace to be competent in carrying out regular checks on skin condition can increase resources and be both more frequent and more targeted (due to increased familiarity with the workplace, workers and processes) providing a more robust and effective system.

EnviroDerm Services has considerable experience in a wide variety of workplaces in providing training to enable persons designated as first line skin condition assessors to be competent in conducting regular skin checks. Organisations include car body repair shops, surface coating plant, pharmaceutical and chemical companies, public transport, and health care. The training is usually a three hour workshop, assuming no prior knowledge.


  • Increase resources for skin health surveillance
  • Ensure a more robust and effective skin health surveillance system
  • Confident competent persons
  • Practical exercises in distinguishing healthy and damaged skin
  • Manual to use a reference resource
  • Gain experience in operating skin health surveillance system

Course content

  • The reasons for and purpose of skin health surveillance
  • An introduction to the skin and its functions
  • Occupational skin diseases, causes and consequences
  • Skin health surveillance techniques, recognition of healthy and damaged skin
  • When and how to refer for more in-depth assessment
  • Principles and practice of good skin care
  • Practical exercises in distinguishing between healthy and damaged skin

Further details

This course is run as a virtual training course. It starts at 10:00 am and finishes at 1:00 pm. The cost per person is £150 excl. VAT. Places can be booked here . 

It can also be run as a virtual single organisation course (£750 excl. VAT) and an onsite in-house course (£1,500.00 excl. VAT & travel costs). To book contact us with details of your requirements.