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Skin Measurement Training Day

The Skin Measurement Training Day is an opportunity to hear from leading experts about a wide range of skin measurement techniques, how they work, how best to use them and how to design a study for success. The training day will have opportunities to see the different techniques in operation as well as some time to get 'Hands on' with them and discuss your particular measurement needs. There is a small charge of £50 plus VAT for attending the day. Attendees will get a 5% discount on the list price of equipment purchased by 20th December 2019.

Date & Location

Wednesday 19th June 2019 at Jury's Inn, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham. To book your place click here .


  • Benefit from understanding the very latest technique in scientific analysis of skin condition
  • Gain an opportunity to discuss your specific areas of interest with people who are experts in the field
  • Have a chance to meet the EnviroDerm manufacturers and distribution personnel to discuss how we can support you
  • See an extensive range of measurement techniques in action
  • Get some practical experience with some of the measurement techniques



Sales & Marketing Manager, Courage & Khazaka GmbH

Christiane will touch on the history of microbiology and metagenomic analysis and will primarily focus on the desired effects of pro-, pre- and post-biotic formulations and how to measure their efficiency using bioengineering methods for the assessment of skin barrier quality, intensity of porphyrine fluorescence, skin-pH-value, sebum and skin hydration.

Prof Gert Nilsson

Director, WheelsBridge AB

Gert will talk on using the digital camera as a transducer for assessment of sin parameters.  Polarisation Spectroscopy Imaging (SPI) is an emerging technology that maps the microcirculation of the skin and other dermal properties by looking beneath the surface layer and capturing sub-epidermal images.  This technology, also known as Tissue Viability Imaging (TiVi), employs a methodology uniquely capable of profiling the selective light-absorption behaviour of haemoglobin molecules present in red blood cells.  These molecules absorb a significantly greater proportion of light in the green wavelength band compared to that of the surrounding tissue.  In this respect, haemoglobin molecules are reliable biological markers for mapping and quantifying skin erythema and blanching.  SPI is particularly useful for assessing cosmetic and personal care safety, efficacy and consistency with regulatory guidelines.  Another version of SPI is intended for rapid screening of inflammation in the oral cavity and assessment of the safety an efficacy of oral care products. 


Director, JMC Scientific Consulting Ltd

Jonathan will present on imaging of the skin.  Photographic imaging of the skin is used across a wide range of research industries, from cosmetics through to pharmaceuticals and forensics.  Moving away from straight light photography, and using techniques such as cross polarization, and UV induced fluorescence, or even photographing in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum such as Ultraviolet and Infrared, can provide information otherwise impossible to image.  Imaging of the skin using conventional photography and these alternate techniques will be discussed and reviewed, along with some considerations when approaching this type of work.


Technical Specialist, EnviroDerm Services

Helen will run through some of the new measurements and developments in the measurement techniques for skin, hair and nails that we supply.  These will include the new Visioscan VC20plus for surface topography, hair measurement, desquamation and sebum.  We will take a look at new measurements such as the Indentometer and Nail Strain Stress Meter along with new aspects of TEWL measurements.


9amCoffee & Registration
9:30amClaim Support for Microbiome Skin Care - Christiane Uhl
10:15amUsing the Digital Camera as a Transducer for Assessment of Skin Parameters - Prof Gert Nilsson
11amMorning break and networking
11:15amImaging of the Skin - UV, Visible, & IR - Dr Jonathan Crowther
12 noonNew Developments in Measurements for Skin, Hair & Nails - Dr Helen Taylor
12:45pmLunch and networking
1:30pmDemonstrations and hands on experience with equipment
3pmAfternoon break and networking
3:15pmOpportunities for individual project discussion and further hands on experience
4:30pmClose of day

To book your place please click here .

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