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Hydration Monitor EDS10

It has long been established in dermatology that the residual moisture level in the surface layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) is an indicator of general skin condition. Instruments to measure the skin's residual moisture content have been available for dermatological research since the 1980s, but not in a form that is best suited for use in the occupational health environment. The Skin Hydration Monitor EDS10 measures skin moisture levels and has been designed specifically for use in the occupational health environment.

Measurement of skin hydration is simple, non-invasive, quick and intrinsically safe. The instrument is simply placed on the skin, depressed and the resultant number read from the screen. This indicates whether the skin is in normal or damaged condition and gives an indication of the severity of the damage. Interpretation is simple as can be seen in the table below.

Hydration ValueInterpretation
1Very dry, very poor skin condition
2Very dry, poor skin condition
3Dry, not good skin condition
4Slightly dry, borderline skin condition
5-8Normal, skin in good condition
9-12abnormally moist, could be due to sweating or residual moisture on skin from contact with water or moisturiser

The EDS10 Skin Hydration Monitor can detect damage due to chemical exposure that is not visible to the naked eye. This allows the user to identify whose skin is being damaged and the extent of the damage long before this becomes visible. Action can then be taken to prevent further damage and to restore the skin to its normal condition. The instrument can subsequently be used to establish whether the action taken is achieving the desired result.

So instead of simply waiting until the skin damage escalates into a clinically relevant dermatitis it is now possible to be pro-active in the same way as is done with lung function testing and audiometry.

The EDS10 Skin Hydration Monitor is supplied complete with a case, a booklet providing guidance on skin health surveillance, instructions for use and information on how to interpret the measurements.

Further information on the importance and use of skin condition measurements in occupational health can be found in the skinformation pages. Please click here

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