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Aesthetic medicine & Point of Sale

This range of skin measurement equipment is ideal for use in aesthetic medicine, skin clinics, beauty therapy, spas and point of sale locations. Within this range there is a wide variety of devices to suit varying budgets and needs from smaller battery operated devices through to computer driven devices that allow the user to print out product and treatment recommendations.

The use of skin analysis as part of your service shows a greater level of professionalism and gives clients greater confidence. It  can increase loyalty to your brand or organisation. Clients have a better understanding of the condition of their skin leading to a better understanding of the need for the recommended products and treatments. There is also the possibility of monitoring their improvements.

Stand Alone Devices 

For more information on the range of stand alone devices please click here 

Computer driven devices

For more information on the range of computer driven devices please click here 

Advanced Skin Anaysis Course

Advanced Skin Anaysis Course

This is a new one-day course to provide the information to make the most of the new techniques that are available for advanced skin analysis and to ensure that you can use them to the maximum benefit of your business.

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