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About us

EnviroDerm services

EnviroDerm Services was established in 1991 as a specialist consultancy focusing on prevention of damage to health from skin exposure, however the experience of the partners in this field goes back over 3 decades. EnviroDerm Services has developed a unique approach to this aspect of occupational health and safety. The approach takes the knowledge of skin and its behaviour from dermatologists (and immunologists, toxicologists etc.) and combines it with what is currently possible in terms of engineering technology to provide effect methods of eliminating or reducing skin exposure in the workplace. This approach is called 'Dermatological Engineering'.

EnviroDerm Services is family run business offering  a variety of products and services. Providing technical support for dermal risk assessment and management, training and education, skin health surveillance and troubleshooting on occupational skin problems.

EnviroDerm Services (UK) Ltd

EnviroDerm Services have been involved in the provision of high quality skin analysis equipment since 1997. This has been backed by a belief in ensuring that customers get the support they need. We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality skin analysis equipment and service at an affordable price.

This has led to the company working with two well respected manufacturers to provide a wide range of measurement possibilities.

Courage & Khazaka GmbH

Courage & Khazaka was founded in 1986 and since then has been producing world class measurement tools for objectively quantifying skin parameters. Their range of skin analysis equipment is the most complete of all skin analysis equipment manufacturers. Their equipment is used worldwide for objective clinical diagnosis in dermatology, in R&D departments (cosmetic, pharmaceutical and raw material companies), for claim support, in skin research and many other fields (they have even been used in space). They have been ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

A key feature of the measurement probes of the Courage & Khazaka range are that they are digital. What this means for the user is greater stability and flexibility. Each probe contains the electronics and calibration data required for measurement. As each probe is self-contained it allows for connection to different devices without any change in the calibration data, also a significant advantage for servicing and calibration as only the probe needs to be returned. The new generation of digital probes have also brought with them greater stability in the measurements and greater ease of use.

Wheels Bridge AB

Wheels Bridge stems from three decades of development of new technologies for assessment of a variety of skin parameters. The founders of the company were involved in the ground breaking development of the Evaporimeter (TEWL measurement), the Laser Doppler Flowmeter (microcirculation) and the Laser Doppler Imager (microvascular imaging). The aim of the company is to develop innovative measurement techniques for easy assessment of tissue viability.

The equipment and technologies developed by Wheels Bridge are focused not only on a high level of accuracy and reliability by also on providing a wide range of customers with versatile and affordable techniques that are easy to use.

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EnviroDerm Services is a Specialist Consultancy and Skin Measuring Equipment Business .

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