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Frictiometer® FR 700

Courage & Khazaka

Frictiometer® FR 700


  • Quick measurement time
  • Easy to handle
  • Constant pressure
  • Can assess skin properties such as dryness, wrinkles and smoothness
  • Test skin care products designed to make the skin smoother
  • Study effects of textiles and papers on skin
  • Probe head can be easily cleaned
  • Different velocities of rotation can be used

The Frictiometer® FR 700 is a very interesting tool to measure the differences in friction of the skin correlating with skin surface properties such as smoothness or products applied to the skin.

Measurement Principle

The probe contains a motor, a steering unit and the friction head. A constant rotational speed (adjustable to different speeds) is applied on to the skin by the friction head. The torque is measured and the result is displayed as Frictiometer® units in the software.

Fields of Application

  • Ideally suited for product development, claim support and efficacy testing
  • Can be used for objective assessment of skin surface properties
  • Can be used for investigating the friction properties of textiles

Technical Information

Dimensions: 24 x 128 mm, Measuring surface: 16mm (plain Teflon head), Weight: ca. 140g, Pressure: 0.7N, Units Arbitrary Frictioimeter units, Accuracy: ± 10%.. Technical changes may be made without prior notice

Available Formats

Multiprobe Adapter System

The Frictiometer® FR 700 probe can be plugged in to all of the computer driven MPA devices (MPA 2, MPA 6, MPA 10 & Cutometer® dual MPA 580)

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