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Education and Training

We at EnviroDerm Services pride ourselves on providing accurate, informative and engaging education and training products and services. We run open courses and in-house courses for the health & safety professional. In addition we can provide management and workforce awareness training as well as a range of education and training products to help with your training needs. If you cannot find exactly what you need from the information here we can also develop a training package specifically for your needs and your organisation.

Skin Health Surveillance and Management Course

The interactive one-day course that will enable you to create an effective skin health surveillance system. This covers skin health surveillance in depth with an overview of other aspects of skin management such as risk assessment, risk management, and skin care.

For further information on this course click here 

Occupational Skin Management Course

The course for those concerned with managing skin exposure in the workplace. This course covers all aspects that are required for creating an effective occupational skin exposure management system.

For more information on this course please click here 

Competent Person Training

Short training sessions for training a competent person to carry out regular simple skin checks as part of a comprehensive effective skin health surveillance system.

For more information on these training sessions click here 

Skin Awareness Training

Skin awareness sessions for the workforce that aim to raise their awareness of issues surrounding skin exposure in the workplace and what is necessary to avoid occupational ski problems. These sessions have both a presentation (usually audio-visual) along with the option to have interactive sessions including:

  • Glove contamination test - can workers remove gloves without contaminating their skin?
  • Skin condition measurement - what is their skin condition like with advice on improving skin condition

For more information on sin awareness training please click here 

Skin Management in Health Care

A workshop on how to protect workers whilst still preventing health care associated infections. for more information on this workshop please contact us 

Guide to Occupational Skin Management

The interactive computer based guide to the prevention of damage to health due to workplace skin exposure. For more information on this please contact us 

In-House Training

EnviroDerm Services offer a range of training solutions that can be provided within your organisation to ensure that health & safety professionals, management and the workforce all stay up to date. Any of our open courses can be run as in-house training courses. For further information on in-house training please contact us 

Training Aids

We offer a range of products that can be used for education an training of the workforce.

Interactive CDs

Computer based training packages for management and health & safety practitioners

Toolbox Talks

For situations where facilities are limited it can be useful to have a very simple tool for training the workforce. The Toolbox Talk is such a tool.


Posters are a good way of ensuring that messages about how to prevent damage to health from skin exposure remain at the forefront of the minds of the workforce.

Books & Booklets

Books and booklets can be a good way of keeping knowledge at your fingertips and those of your workforce.

For further information on any of these training aids please contact us